Top Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaids Colours

Simple Tips for Elegant Bridesmaids

Dark Green Bridesmaid Colour Me Beautiful Be a Beautiful Bride Low Res

As with all things wedding related there are many options to take into consideration when choosing the colour and style of dresses for your bridesmaids. Here Anna Mewes from Colour Me Beautiful, Europe’s leading image consultants takes you through her top tips.

The colours you choose for your wedding are likely to be dictated by the time of year you’re getting married and possibly the venue too. Pastels and lighter, brighter combinations work well in Spring and Summer whilst reds, greens and sumptuous berry or purple tones are great during Winter months. Blues, greens and aquas are great year-round colours, something to consider if you’re getting married abroad in a warmer climate during the UK Winter months!

Pastle Green Bridesmaid Colour Me Beautiful Be A Beautiful Bride low res

Burgundy Bridesmaid Colour Me Beautfiul Be A Beautiful Bride low res

Pink Bridesmaid Colour Me Beautiful Be A Beautiful Bride low res

If your bridesmaids have different hair colours and skin tones it can be difficult to decide on the best shade of dress to go for. A great solution is to opt for a universal colour that will suit everyone such as purple, turquoise, pewter or teal. If you have your heart set on a specific colour theme then you can achieve a stunning yet co-ordinated look by choosing dresses that are different shades of the same colour. Opting for toning shades is also a great way of dressing bridesmaids of varying ages, after all it’s unlikely that your adult maids are going to want to wear the same colour as the little flower girls!

Taupe Bridesmaid Colour Me Beautiful Be A Beautiful Bride low res

When it comes to deciding on the shape of dress, you want your bridesmaids to be comfortable and feel great. A-line styles, especially if they are two pieces work well for all body shapes. The skirt can be full or narrow; the waistline on the waist or dropped. Dresses with an Empire line will suit your bridesmaids whatever their age, particularly if they are children. It’s also a great shape, if shortly before your wedding, one of our maids announces she’s pregnant! Another option is to select dresses of different styles, but in the same colour to give each bridesmaid an individual look that will still sit well together as a group.

Long blue bridesmaid dress Colour Me Be A Beautiful Bride low ResPale Blue Bridesmaid Dress Colour Me beautiful Be a Beautiful Bride low Res

Remember – you’re the star of the show! Your bridesmaid dresses should be less elaborate than yours, but you may want to tie some detailing from your own gown and feature it as part of their outfits to bring it all together.

Anna Mewes – Marketing Manager – Colour Me Beautiful – Here’s a link to see their website full of colour help

The lovely image were taken by : Be A Beautiful Bride by Colour Me Beautiful (Hamlyn)

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