Bridal Bouquets To Treasure Forever

I Heart Buttons Bouquets make the most gorgeous keepsake wedding bouquets from buttons yes buttons! & this way they last long after the wedding day & can then become beautiful display pieces in the home.

I heart Buttons wedding bouquets

They have kindly put together inspiration on what brides are choosing.

  • Including a photo frame is a popular choice, our Aisle be With You Bouquets include a photo frame in the centre of the bouquet with a photo of a loved one.  What a lovely way to have that special person be with you throughout your day & even walk with you down the aisle?
  • Adding jewellery & buttons to bouquets & also material can add a very sentimental touch as you can see here there are some wonderful ideas ? Perhaps there are offcuts from the wedding dress or indeed a past wedding dress of a loved one?  Material can be added to cover buttons & to use as the collar and/or ribbon on the bouquet. We love this idea a bride had I Heart Buttons make a bouquet with two pieces of material both pieces were from the nightdress she wore when she had her two children ahhh!
  • Brides can ask guests to send in buttons with their wedding invite RSVP that will be made into their special bouquet? What a great way for all your guests to add to your special day in a way that can be treasured forever.
  • Another fabulous addition to the bouquet could be a Hand Print or Paw Print of a special person or animal. We use a local silver smith to create these for us and Kelly had the hand prints of her children in her bouquet while Zoe had her dog’s paw imprinted into the silver charm and added to her bouquet. Another bride had the fingerprint of her sister who had sadly passed away.
  • Fun items or interests or hobbies can be added for that special touch whether someone loves playing the guitar or support a football club… all these can be added to the bouquet and/or buttonhole.

These are actual bouquets that have been made by I Heart Buttons enjoy the stories that go with them & maybe you will come up with your very own idea.

Bouquets have been made with a granddad’s tie pin & her nan’s locket.

One bride sent me an Incredible Hulk badge which had a sentimental meaning to her after she was involved in a car crash and she came through strong, just like the Hulk!

Another asked for a guitar to be included in her button bouquet as she is a guitar teacher.

We recently  made a bouquet for Klair, from Love Umbrellas who sent in lots of items, including……. you guessed it… mini umbrellas!

Tammy wed in the year of the Olympics & sent us a coin to add to the groom’s buttonhole

Sam sent me a bracelet which was her grandma’s and we included  bracelet around the top of the stems.

I hope this gives you some inspiration as to what can be included in our alternative keepsake bouquets to make it that extra bit special.  If you would like to see our bouquets first hand, visit they also have an amazing ready made collection too.

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