How To Writing A Groom’s Speech – 8 Top Tips

How To Writing A Groom’s Speech – 8 Top Tips

“I want to assure you I’m not going to stand here and bore you all with bad jokes, I’m pretty sure my best man is going to do that…” Source –


Writing A Groom’s Speech

Once you’ve got through the wedding ceremony itself, as the groom you can, almost, relax and enjoy the rest of your big day. There’s just the small matter of your groom’s speech to get through. Unless you’ve been a best man before there’s a good chance you’ve never written a formal speech before or might be unfamiliar with the traditional format of the speeches.

  • The order of the wedding speakers is;

1st – Father of the Bride

2nd – Groom

3rd – Best Man

There are definite do’s and don’ts associated with the groom’s speech so here is a quick rundown to help get you started.


  • Timing

The perfect length of the Groom’s speech is about 7 minutes. This plenty of time to reply to the bride’s father, say all your thank yous, get a few jokes in at the best man’s expense (before he starts his comedy character assassination of you) and talk about your bride. Try not to make it overly long, there’s nothing worse for the guests than rambling speeches that seem never ending.

  • Language

It’s most likely that there’ll be a mixed age range, with both children and older relatives present try to keep your language at a PG rating.


  • Jokes

The same goes for any gags you use, what might get your friends laughing at work or down the pub probably isn’t going to go down so well with the bride’s grandparents.


  • Is there anything I have to include?

Yes, there are traditional elements to your speech for you to say on behalf of you and your new wife. Thank all the wedding party (make sure you mention each of them by name), the bridesmaids, ushers, pageboys and make the traditional toast to the bridesmaids. It’s this part of your speech where present gifts to the key members of the wedding party, thank anyone who helped with the wedding and thank your best man. One other very important thank you is to both mothers, usually in the form of presenting them with flowers.

It is also considerate to mention members of the bride’s family and your own siblings.

And don’t forget, throughout your speech you’re speaking on behalf as your wife as well.


  • Don’t forget the bride

Might sound obvious but yes, there are grooms who get through all the traditional elements of their speech, raise a toast and sit down only to be met by the cod look of the new Mrs only to launch out of their chair like a missile to redress the faux pas before the first night of married life is spent sleeping on a sofa.

Photo by Chip Litherland/Eleven Weddings Photography

  • Keep it light

This isn’t an Oscar acceptance speech. Yes it is an emotional day but no one wants to see the groom, dribbling and smudging his mascara (?). Think of your speech as a sandwich, keep the real meat in the middle, all the heartfelt words you want to say, and sandwich that between a light hearted start and a good humorous finish.

  • The basic phases

A good groom’s speech can be broken down into key phases, stick with these and you shouldn’t go too wrong;

* Opening – Thank your new father-in-law for his speech and the bride’s family for welcoming you into their family (it used to be traditional for the groom to thank the bride’s family for allowing her to marry you but these are modern times, she picked you for herself… and now she’s stuck with you!).

* Formalities – Thank all the key members of the wedding party, the wedding organiser and venue, both mothers and present gifts to those that have performed key roles (in particular younger members of the wedding party). This is also a good time to reply to any comments in the father of the bride’s speech.

* Parents – Now is a good time to give your own thanks for making you the man you are today, or at least shift any blame onto them for the man you are today.

* The Story – Many of the guests will no doubt not know the full story of how you and your bride met so give a little background to your romance.

* The Bride – Now is the time to speck both about and to your wife. These are perhaps the most important words of your wedding speech and a real chance to tell your wife in front of all her family and friends, just how much she means to you.

* Pass the Baton – The final speaker will be your best man so it’s your role to introduce him. This is a good time to get a few shots in at him before he starts on you. At SimplytheBestGroom we have hundreds of jokes to help you draw first blood before he does his best to make sure the whole room is laughing at your expense.

* The Toast – Close your speech by once again talking briefly about your bride and ask everyone to stand, raise their glasses and toast the bride. is a complete online speech building system create by professional comedy writers with over 4,000 wedding speech jokes, quotes and funny lines to help you write a perfect Groom’s wedding speech.


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