How To Write A Bride’s Speech

Writing A Bride’s Speech – By

“The wedding etiquette police say that the bride shouldn’t make a speech. If anyone in this room thought that wouldn’t happen, you must be at the wrong wedding.” Source –

Yes, it’s not considered “the norm” for the bride to give a speech but this is your party after all, you’re only going to wear that dress once so you’ll want to show it off as much as possible. Your wedding is YOUR day, it’s for you and your new hubby to decide how it should or shouldn’t go and make it an extension of your personalities so if you want to speak but have never given a formal speech before here’s a few tips you can follow to write a great bride’s speech courtesy of

  • When to give your speech

The traditional order of the wedding speakers is;

1st – Father of the Bride

2nd – Groom

3rd – Best Man

The best place for the bride to speak is after her father and before the groom. This gives you a chance to reply to any words from your father and speak about your new husband. It’s best to leave the groom and best man to speak one after the other as they are likely to be firing jokes at each other’s expense.

  • Timing

A good wedding speech shouldn’t last longer than 7 minutes, overly long speeches can be difficult to sit through. A good way to test your speech is to time yourself while saying it out loud and edit it down if need be. This isn’t an award ceremony after all, and even Oscar winners are given a time limit.

  • Jokes

Most of the comedy banter will come from the best man, mostly aimed at the groom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a few jokes yourself (and perhaps get in a few early shots in defence of your husband). There are resource sites out there to find wedding jokes but try to steer clear of clichéd jokes everyone has heard before. have thousands of new and original wedding speech jokes including jokes written especially for brides.

  • Is there anything I have to include?

No, it is your party, the formalities will be covered by the other speakers so you are free to speak from the heart and give any thank yous you wish. It is a good idea to speak to the other speakers beforehand to ensure you’re not all repeating the same things as this could become repetitive for your guests.

  • Keep it light

This isn’t an Oscar acceptance speech so try not to do a Gwyneth Paltrow. While it is a very emotional day, if you make sure you have a few light-hearted comments or jokes in your speech this will help keep the mood light. It is a celebration after all. is a complete on-line speech building system written and created by a team of professional comedy writers who have written for stage, screen and stand-up comedians, containing over 4,000 icebreakers, quotes and jokes.

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