Wedding Mood Boards To Help You Find Your Perfect Venue

Find Your Perfect Venue With Wonderful Wedding Mood Boards.

Ionian weddings Destination experts

Ionian Weddings is launching a new way to search for the perfect destination wedding venues on Valentines day. Their exciting new tool will generate a visual enquiry that is sent to Ionian Weddings’ consultants who can then suggest the best possible venues.  Their team spent months finding hundreds of beautiful photos from their very own venues & weddings & created Image-ine, a visual mood board designed to help couples capture the feel of their perfect dream wedding. Couples can also share the images on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or they can email them to friends & family. They are are one of the top destination wedding experts &  Co-Founder Jane Stuart-Palikira of Ionian Weddings says, “So many couples struggle to describe the look & feel of the type of wedding they are looking for & we realised it would be so much easier if they could enquire about a wedding simply using images.  It will also really help our wedding consultants to make the very best suggestions for them”.

Ionian weddings Destination experts

Ionian weddings palnning your weddingabroad

Ionian weddings Destination experts

Have you been thinking of going abroad to get married well here are some things that may help make your mind up ?

  • The total cost of a wedding abroad is one third of the cost of the average UK wedding.
  • The overseas wedding market has grown by over 26% since 2005,with 1 in 5 UK couples choosing to get married abroad.
  • The top reasons for choosing to marry abroad are – cost, weather & the option to have a more intimate wedding.

Multi award winning Ionian Weddings was founded in 2007 by husband & wife team, Jane & Andreas Palikiras. The company organises over 300 weddings a year in Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Croatia & Malta & has intimate knowledge of each venue & destination offered. They specialise in sourcing exciting &  innovative venues, including a Maltese castle, villas, beaches, vineyards & in 2013 they organised the first wedding to take place at the underground Lake Melissani in Kefalonia.

Ionian weddings palnning your weddingabroad

To plan your dream wedding contact the team at


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