Great Tips For A Summer Wedding

Great Tips For A Summer Wedding

With summer being the busiest time of year for getting married in the UK we guess all of our summer brides will be in full swing with your planning so here are a few wedding ideas for you.

top tips for a summer wedding

  • Choose a dress that wont be too hot & sweaty strapless is obviously a good option however if you are not wanting to show off your arms dresses with chiffon or lace sleeves might be the answer. Satin can be quite heavy where a lighter silk fabric may be a better choice.
  • Before you pop your dress on talcum power is great to dry off your skin and keep you smelling pretty.
  • We had a great tip from one of our brides who said she was given a fan to put under the top table to keep her nice and cool.
Butterfly Themed Summer Wedding Fushia Pink
romantic Norfolk English wedding by Steve Wood films
alana wedding dress uk melanie potro
  • Your make-up should be natural and not too greasy ask at your beauty counter if they have a good translucent powder that will help keep your make-up to last longer.
  • Take your make-up basics to top up your look if needed but be careful not to make a mess of your dress pop a towel or something over to you to save any accidents. 8
  • Choose a hair style that will be suitable for hot weather short hair is easy where longer hair is sometimes better to choose a half up half down hair style or possible a bun or loose roll to keep the hair away from your neck.
  • Hair Accessories that are suitable for short or longer hair are combs or headbands.


  • To prevent unflattering shadows when taking photos don’t take your wedding pictures at noon as the sun will be directly overhead it is better to take pictures in the morning or later in the afternoon or evening.
  • Take advantage of the sun and your surrounding to create beautiful photos. 8Scotney Castle 50s Wedding Styled Shoot by Rebecca Douglas Photography

One last thing is to take a minute or too just for you with no-one else about as it can be difficult to keep your energy levels up when you’re “the star of the show” all day. You will enjoy the day more if you take a few minutes through out the day to recharge your batteries. Breathe ….. and enjoy. xxx


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