A Vintage Wedding Affair By Kitty & Dulcie

We Are Having A Vintage Wedding Dress Crush

Kitty & Dulcie’s ‘Village Affair’ exclusive collection is now available to buy on-line at www.kittyanddulcie.com with all designs retailing below £396. They are the first on-line only retailer to offer top quality gowns gorgeously designed for fashion forward brides, we think you will love their style & prices too. They don’t believe you should be paying over the odds for your perfect wedding dress & we agree so how are they able to supply them to you at such reasonable prices? Here’s their answer “We pride ourselves in the quality of our dresses. We are able to supply them to you so cheaply as we don’t have the overheads of a shop. We are supplying them direct from the manufacturer with no middleman.” That sound pretty sensible to us. Now lets see all of those pretty designs.

Now let’s see all of those pretty vintage wedding dresses!

Sweet Audrey wedding dress, £350 available exclusively at kittyanddulcie.com Hair accessory from floandpercy.com 00226

There are so many styles available at Kitty & Dulcie’s so why not pop over now & see what they have on their site.

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