Personalised Silverware From The Wedding Commission

Engraved wedding gifts & stylish cutlery for your wedding table.

top table cutlery the wedding commission

The Wedding Commission, a sister company of the popular Cutlery Commission, offers charming, customised wedding silverware and cutlery. Their hand stamped silver plated cutlery makes memorable, personalised wedding gifts and keepsakes for brides, grooms, happy couples, bridesmaids as well as wedding favours. The company was founded after the huge success of The Cutlery Commission and seeing an increasing trend in personalised wedding cutlery.

bridemaids servers the wedding commission
favours the wedding commission
proposal the wedding commissionThe ending tsp the wedding commissioncanapes and cocktails  the wedding commission
Based in the beautiful Cotswolds, both The Cutlery Commission and The Wedding Commission pride themselves on customising each piece of cutlery by hand. Every letter is carefully hand stamped, which is why the typography takes on such an organic, whimsical or ornate handle. The actual cutlery itself is all silver plated and hand crafted in an antique style so again, each one is unique and the final product is a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake.
cheese markers the wedding commission
invite the wedding commission
Katie Dobson, the founder of The Cutlery Commission and The Wedding Commission says: “My companies were born of my passion to be unique and that ethos is true of each and every commission ever created. We endeavour to create the most unique and sentimental gifts for every occasion. Our hand stamped cutlery differs from engraved cutlery because we use traditional, industrial tools to indent every single letter into the silver plate itself. Therefore marks made during the hammering process are expected and spacing and alignment of letters are not exact. It all adds to the whimsical and charming look that makes your commissioned piece of cutlery such a unique gift. All of the cutlery is hand crafted in an antique style and made of brass, which is then silver plated”.

save the date the wedding commission

To see all of these & more visit the website : The Wedding Commission


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