Top 10 Ideas For Your Wedding Table

Top 10 ways to create a beautiful wedding cake table

make merry diy wedding ideas

  • Have sentiment. Pop a special something to onto your cake or cake table that makes it special to you, whether it’s the same cake stand as your parents used, or great-great-granny’s pretty lace tablecloth, whatever you choose it will be personal and even more special on the day.



  • Make it about YOU. What’s your favourite cake? Do you only like cupcakes? Maybe profiteroles are you thing? You can have whatever you want on YOUR cake table!



  • Homemade with love is sometimes better than handmade by a stranger. If you know someone who makes a spectacular fruit cake or maybe your mum makes the best Victoria sponge… just ask them to be involved and help bake something. You’ll forever look back on your wedding cakes and think fondly of whomever helped make them.
  • Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. If your cake is homemade then it’s bound to be slightly imperfect, just call it “rustic” and you’re sorted!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Go for a variety. Have lots of different flavours and types of cake on your table. This way your catering to all your guests and whichever cakes they prefer. Cakes, cookies, cupcakes…anything and everything, It’s entirely your choice!



  • Location, Location, Location. Where are you going to put your cake table? Have you thought about it yet? Bear in mind that you don’t want to place it where people won’t be able to see it properly, or where it could get knocked over (i.e. on the dance floor).


  • Remember to include different heights and dimensions. By using various heights, widths and sizes with cake stands and boxes you’ll draw attention to your tables and just give it that extra “wow” factor.
  • Mix and match to your hearts content. You can use whatever cake shapes, cupcake cases, plates, stands, and toppers you want! Yes, that’s right, break all the rules and just have fun!

RDS156__80708.1403784330.1280.1280OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASNG042_2_edited_1__49499.1403784819.1280.1280

  • Don’t neglect the table decoration. Pop some table confetti/garlands/bunting for added decoration around your cakes.
  • Think, favours. Kill two birds with one stone, have a fantastic cake table AND have tasty favours that everyone can take home with them!451281_NOTHS__04793.1403874527.1280.1280

Here’s some of Charlotte’s, from Make Merry, favourite products to help you create your very own cake table!


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