Wedding ideas to suit all budgets

Wedding ideas to help you plan your special day

So you have ticked the box for your wedding jewellery & hair accessories …… so what next on your list ….. here are some great wedding ideas for you to consider.

Wedding ideas – old meets new

marlene garter with peARL HORSESHOE

Wedding ideas tradition – whatever your wedding theme we all like to keep a little bit of the old traditional magic! Something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue …… so how about these wedding ideas to keep the tradition alive whilst bringing in a touch of modern glamour to your wedding theme …..

A Lucky Sixpence Charm to bring you luck & lots of happiness on your wedding day. The sixpence coin has long been associated with bringing good luck to the bride and groom; the contemporary interpretation of these traditional wedding ideas charms is for the bride – or her father – to place the coin in her left shoe as a lucky charm to bring financial prosperity to the newly-weds.

Aye Do New Sixpence 2

Something Blue Charm is another one of the Aye Do Team’s wedding ideas which mixes the luck of a mini horseshoe with blue ribbon & makes a lovely wedding keepsake. Did you know the ‘something blue’ came from an ancient tradition in which the bride would wear a blue ribbon in her hair as a symbol for fidelity.

Horseshoe bouquet charm 19.99

Traditionally, the “old” would have been the garter of a happily married woman, with the thought being that her good fortune would be passed down along with it. For the more modern bride looking for a garter why choose a beautiful handmade garter with a little hidden blue bow again for luck. We have lots of lovely garter ideas for you to look at using both traditional lace or fashionable satin & organza. Yet more inspirational wedding ideas: add a personalised sterling silver heart for that extra sprinkling of magic! Engraved with your initials or wedding date the heart can be removed from the garter & added to a necklace or bracelet as a special reminder of your wedding day. Or how about a traditional tartan garter we have a lovely range in many ancient & modern colours & designs.

Lucky Horseshoe garter 36.99

garters 800

Lucky Horseshoes are a must – here at Aye Do we are fortunate to have a wonderful collection of handmade horseshoes to suit every budget & wedding idea or style. So what is the history behind these gorgeous lucky horseshoe wedding ideas? Well according to tradition horse shoes represent good luck, this is believed to stem from Medieval times when blacksmiths were considered to have magical powers {alchemy} so there you have it more magic for your special day!


Ring Cushions can add an extra touch of glamour – your ring bearer has such a special role to play on your big day so why not treat them & yourself to a beautiful handmade ring cushion. Our ring cushions are available in small mini sizes as well as the more classic larger size. Once again we have a range to suit all styles & budgets & of course we also offer a lovely collection of personalised ring cushions too

1 Personalised Applique Heart Wedding Ring Cushion - Ivory - detail - 54.99

Have we inspired you with our wedding ideas?

So why not take up some or all of our wedding ideas & create your special day using a mixture of the old & the new or why not even come up with some wedding ideas of your own to make your day as special & unique as you? we would love to hear about your wedding ideas so do not be shy & share them with us!

We are here to help with your wedding ideas

Don’t forget whether you are looking for vintage, modern, traditional or a mixture our UK based Team at Aye Do are here to help you create your dream wedding. we have so many wedding ideas, years of experience & stunning accessories to match so just give us a call or email us!

Aye Do: Fabulous wedding ideas to ensure that you look gorgeous throughout your wedding day.

Order on-line today for delivery throughout the UK and overseas.

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