Butterfly Themed Summer Wedding: Sarah & Tim

A gorgeous fushia pink & butterfly wedding?

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Your Wedding Day, perhaps the most special day of your life & one to be shared with your loved ones, precious memories to last forever. For some however a loved one may no longer be here or may be unable to travel to share the day so how magical to still have them includes as part of the celebrations like Sarah & Tim did.

OK ready for some inspiration? Lets here from our guest blogger Sarah ……

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Sarah & Tims Butterfly Wedding

Ceremony (65).500

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How you met your husband & what is his name?

I met Tim in May 2011, a friend of ours was singing with her band at a local pub in Colchester. His brother Simon who was a friend of mine asked if I wanted to meet up with Tim as he had seen a picture of me on Facebook and liked the look of me. Even though I was moving back to Basingstoke from Colchester a few weeks later I had a good feeling about this and I thought why not, what I have I got to loose. It was arranged that we would meet up on the 7th May 2011 at the gig. I spent all day preparing and hours getting ready and was feeling quite nervous about seeing Tim. He literally turned up moments before the gig was about to start and was very quickly introduced to me. There seemed to be an instant attraction between us but we did not get too much chance to talk until the gig was over. From then on we were in contact every day and even when I moved 120 miles down the road we decided to make it work and continue to see each other every weekend.

Ceremony (132).500 Reception (166).500

What was your wedding style, theme colour?

To start off we had no idea about a theme but we knew we both wanted to incorporate the people we loved and are no longer with us so we decided to release butterflies in memory of those who could not be there and this soon became our theme. My mum died when I was 12 so this was something that urged us to remember them somehow on our special day. We decided that as I love hot pink this would be our colour.

Dinner and Speeches (30).500Dinner and Speeches (75).500Dinner and Speeches (10).500

How did you style your bridesmaids & how many did you have?

I had one maid of honour and two bridesmaids. I also have an extended family and I have five nephews and one niece so I decided to incorporate these into our day. I made my five nephews my page boys and my niece my Flower girl. I decided to put the older girls in hot pink one shoulder full length chiffon dresses that were nice and summery. I styled my page boys in grey trousers, white shirts and ivory waistcoats. My niece I found a lovely dress that had a butterfly on which was perfect for her.

Getting Ready (3).500Getting Ready (203).500

Where did you get married?

We got married and had our reception at a venue called Wasing Park in Aldermaston, we both fell in love with this venue when we went to look around it and took every chance we could to go back.

Butterfly Themed Summer Wedding Fushia Pink

Best buy

My best buy was my shoes at £19 in the Debenhams sale and the cufflinks for my Dad, Brother and my Husband. The cufflinks for my husband were a present for him to open on the morning of the wedding and were personal to us, they were Eiffel Tower cufflinks, which is where Tim proposed to me in 2012.

Getting Ready (82).500

Special touches

We had so many things as I made quite a lot of bits myself. I loved the fact that I had my dress made from a zip up to a lace up and then had hot pink ribbon which matched my shoes made to lace it up with. Everyone commented on how lovely this was and all the doubts I had about this leading up to the wedding instantly disappeared.

Bride and Groom (41).500

I also think releasing butterflies made a lot of people smile and created a few tears.

The morning of the wedding I arrived into the bridal suite, my dad had gone to get fully dressed and I was alone with one of our photographers, the fire escape door was open and in flew a butterfly, this butterfly flew around the room and then exited through a window. This calmed my nerves instantly and made me feel ready and at ease as I knew this was my mum showing me she was with me on the most important day of my life. My sister in law had also given me a present the night before the wedding which was a letter written by her. It is a tradition in their family as her mum wrote her a letter on her wedding day and as my mum Is no longer with us she kindly did this on her behalf. She also gave my some photo charms of my mum and nan to put on my bouquet so they were with me every part of the day.

Getting Ready (29).500

We had our wedding rings made which meant we got exactly what we wanted. Mine has pink sapphire and diamonds in to match my engagement ring but is also made so my engagement ring sits snug into it.

Ceremony (107).500

I wish I’d known

That it’s all the personal things that guests appreciate and all the stresses leading up to the wedding disappear as soon as the special day arrives. Everything just seems to come together no matter what and as soon as I saw my husband waiting for me at the end of the Aisle I would not have changed anything.

Dancing (34).500

Top tip for B2B’s

Try not to stress in the lead up to the wedding, it really is not worth it.

Do not let people dictate to you how you should have your wedding, at the end of the day it is your wedding and you should be allowed to have whatever you want to.

Go with your heart and it will guide the way, so many of my choices I was unsure about but went with and I would not change anything about our special day.

Try to put as much of yourself and your husband into your wedding day, your personalities will shine through and guests will appreciate the personal touches.

Most of all enjoy every moment of it, it flies by so quickly.

List any suppliers websites you would like mentioned.

Our amazing photographers Tori and Mat of Cool Hand Photography I would highly recommend them.

Our wedding flowers and venue decoration was done by Cherubs Floral Design everything was very personal and how we wanted it to be.

Thank you ………..

What a wonderful story a great inspiration with some fabulous ideas we hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as we did. If you are looking for some help to bring together your wedding day whether it is the colour, style, theme or perhaps more detailing such as tiara or wedding jewellery ideas then give the team at Aye Do a call on 01506 467857, send an email info@ayedo.co.uk or follow us on Pinterest where you can browse through our gorgeous mood boards.

We loved the Butterfly ideas & styling, if you are looking for similar themed wedding hair accessories, jewellery or perhaps a keepsake bridal garter then let us help you find your dream wedding accessory.




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