Newly-weds Lose Their Wedding Rings Within 12 Hours of being married.

Don’t Leave Your Valuables Behind After The Wedding.

It seems that some newly-weds often their lose their wedding rings within 12 hrs of the wedding ceremony, although the engagement & wedding rings are one of the most important parts of a wedding. This new research was issued by award-winning professional party & wedding organiser, the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC) where their survey was carried out amongst UK wedding venues. The multiple choice survey was carried out amongst 500 wedding venues across the UK December 2014. They discovered that:

  • 18% of the venues they had questioned have found wedding rings
  • 19% found diamond engagement rings under the tables after the bride & groom have retired for the evening.


Females of the wedding party are the most likely to leave behind valued possessions, so girls don’t have too much of the plonk or you could be another one loosing something. Other ‘items’ found after the wedding reception included things such as:

  • the bride’s shoes (24%)
  • bridal stockings (23%)
  • bride’s veil (18%)
  • garter (17%).
  • the other most popular leave behinds include car keys, handbags, unwanted wedding presents & money


Can you believe it these have also been left by guests.

  • a Chanel handbag worth over £3,000
  • the keys to a Porsche Carrera
  • hair extensions!
  • and a number of wedding venues even reported that they have found guests fast asleep under the wedding tables
  • the survey also found that a 1/3 of the brides & grooms do not come back to claim their lost property, including the rings, wedding presents, money & handbags.

the Taylor Lynn Corporation

Liz Taylor, from TLC said: “TLC wedding receptions certainly go with a bang & we know that the wedding party & their guests like to let their hair down.  It’s amazing what can be lost, &not even be noticed by the bride & groom.  Losing wedding and engagement rings is the most ‘popular’, and I’m stunned that the bride and groom don’t come back to claim their lost rings!  However I’m not surprised that many venues have found a guest or two fast asleep when it comes to clearing up.  With the amazing parties we plan, many guests simply run out of steam and can’t keep up with the celebrations!”


4 responses to Newly-weds Lose Their Wedding Rings Within 12 Hours of being married.

  1. Jacklyn says:

    OH wow! We are newly weds, and reading this post just made me wonder what all we might have left behind. It certainly was not our rings… I am not sure how that happens so often if they are on your fingers?
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂
    We are new to the blogging world,
    Stop by sometime! 🙂

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