How to Create A Great Wedding Atmosphere

Wedding Planning : How To Use Music For A Seamless Wedding Atmosphere

You can spend months searching for the right chair covers, sparkly jewellery and the perfect wedding cake… but don’t forget about your wedding entertainment!

Musical interludes at a wedding help add to the atmosphere, keeping guests entertained and helping to break the ice between new families.

But finding the right artists to suit your tastes, wedding theme and venue is not a task to leave to the last minute.

Opera singer Marika Rauscher has sung in churches, marquees, hotels and more and says there are three key times to use music to smooth the transition of your big day.

“You have plenty of options in terms of wedding music so pick a theme and style that really reflects your personality,” Marika says. “Music can help put the ‘you’ in your big day. You can choose tracks that mean something to you as a couple or that remind you of a particular time and place.”

Consider the following parts of the day when picking your wedding entertainment.

Ceremony Music forms an important part of the ceremony, whether you are looking for something traditional or something a bit more modern. Signing the register, for example, often takes place in a separate room or vestry and music will stop the guests getting restless. Opera interludes can provide a refreshing change from traditional hymns.

MARIKA SAYS: “I’ve performed at all sorts of ceremonies, with a PA system, with an organist, acapella. It is essential that your musical choices reflect the venue and service. For example, you can’t have religious hymns at a civil ceremony.”

Drinks reception When guests arrive at your reception, there is often a lot of waiting around for the bride and groom. A musical performance gives guests a focal point and will help them to relax.

MARIKA SAYS: “My PA system is extremely discreet and works indoors or outdoors, for example in a marquee. Music can provide an ice-breaker, a talking point for guests, and add a bit of atmosphere to the venue before you proceed to dinner.”

Evening do – Consider your entertainment post-meal, pre-dancing! Many guests will feel a little full after dinner and it can be difficult to encourage guests onto the dancefloor right away. Fill the lull with a musical performance.

MARIKA SAYS: “I offer a range of styles, from opera to Abba and will gradually get the guests involved. By the time I hand over to the DJ, guests are ready to dance and you won’t have to worry about an empty dancefloor.

Marika is a classically trained opera singer and experienced session singer. She can take classics from Mozart, Bach and Handel and adapt them for your big day, or perform your favourite opera aria. More modern requests from brides include songs from musicals and pop songs.

Marika has sung all over the world, with established companies such as Kentish Opera, Opera on the Run, Operatique and London Operaworks & City Opera. Originally asked to sing at weddings by friends, in recent years she has fine-tuned her big day approach and is now available for 2015 bookings.

Mobile: 07900-287-471


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