Top Wedding Handbag Trends For The Bride

Best Wedding Clutch Handbags For The Bride

wedding handbag

Lace wedding handbags

Should I have a handbag on my wedding day is the question may brides-to-be-ask and we have found many brides do however it does come down to your style & personality at the end of the day. It can be very handy and we have been told by many brides they were pleased they had something in their hands when they felt a little nervous it saved them biting their nails : ). So here are the top reasons for having a handbag:

hope_ivory lace wedding clutch bag 49.99


  • It’s a great idea to keep a a safety kit handy with some basics so your wedding day runs like clockwork. Pop a few safety pins in and a needle & thread, plasters for sore tootsies & wet wipes are great just in case some one marks your dress.

darcy_lace champagne wedding handbag 49.99 .



  • Your bridal handbag should be big enough to hold at least a lipstick & also a little foundation or eye liner just in case you shed a few tears of happiness. After all where else would you keep you make up?

wedding handbag

  • For all of you girls that want to keep your phones close by a handbag comes in very handy but just make sure you turn it off at the important moments during your big day.

sophia_ivory wedding handbag49.99.

  • Make sure you have a little pack of hankies to pop into your bag to pop as it is no be surprised a few tears of joy may pop during all of the special moments of you wedding day.

wedding handbag

  • For nervous it can be a great distraction until you have your new husband in your hands nothing worse than seeing a bride fiddling about looking uneasy although it is understandable it is one of the biggest days of your life. Remember to try & relax and enjoy every moment.

wedding handbag

  • You can choose from a simple or more detailed design but make sure that it looks great with your style while carrying your essentials on your big day! Simple is normally the key to the best choice so that it compliments your dress and doesn’t distract.

olivia_ivory wedding handbag 49.99


If you are needing some help finding your dream wedding accessories then help is at hand the Aye Do team are here so feel free please call on 01506 467857 or email

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