Award Winning Wedding Cakes

Bellissimo Wedding Cakes By Award-Winning designer – Helen Mansey

Bellissimo Wedding Cakes by Award-Winning Cake Designer Helen Mansey

This gorgeous book Bellissimo Wedding Cakes is filled with the most amazing designs that showcases a contemporary collection of 12 stunning wedding cake tutorials incorporating Helen’s her signature sharp-edge style. Helen has perfected a method for creating clean, inspired by techniques that originated in Australia with crisp edges on sugar pasted cakes.
Bellissimo Coloured Wedding Cake
Bellissimo Wedding Cakes Peony Cake
The book is full of wonderful tips & tricks where Helen’s unique methods are shown in detailed with clear instructions with simple step-by-step photography, now you can take your cakes to the next level. The ideas will inspire the novice cake maker or if you are too scared to make your own cake take it to the professionals to show them your ideas.
Purple I Do Cake Purple I Do Wedding Cake How to make
Cascading Peony Wedding Cake
The book contains:
• Lovely full-colour photography & step-by-step instructions of each cake design
• 12 stunning cake designs with clean lines and crisp edges
• Inspirational tips & techniques for aspiring wedding cake makers
Helen Mansey action shot
  • Helen is a regular contributor to Wedding Cakes, Cakes & Sugarcraft & Bake School magazines and her work is often featured in several popular bridal magazines and blogs.
  • In 2012, she was shortlisted in the Hitched Breakthrough Awards for Best New Wedding Cake Designer and has gone on to judge for the prestigious Wedding Industry Awards.
  • Helen now teaches at Squires Kitchen International School in Farnham, Surrey, and was one of the contributing authors to the Gourmand Best UK Cookbook for Professionals 2014, The Art of Sugarcraft (B. Dutton Publishing).



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