Pretty Tasty Wedding Cakes and Favours

Wedding Cakes & Favours – By Pretty Tasty

You’d like your cake to be a one off. A unique design. It should also taste as good as it looks. Perhaps you’d like your favours to echo the cakes design.

champagne two tone roses with WATERMARK - Pretty Tasty

Pretty Tasty has experience of designing and making cakes from 2 inches to 6 foot high. Every cake is bespoke, tailored to the couples specific ideas however off the wall. The cakes themselves have award winning flavours and they also offer a great range of favour options including macarons, Swiss biscuits and iced biscuits.

6ft cake with 3000 flowers - Pretty Tasty

Nadia from making 6ft wedding cake purple-hydrangeas-and-lace wedding cake by

wedding cookie favours - Pretty Tasty

“Every design starts in the same way,” says Nadia, the owner of Pretty Tasty. “I meet with the bride and groom so that they can taste our cakes and discuss their wedding day. I encourage them to bring visual references like their wedding invite, images of the flowers they are hoping to use etc so that I get a really good feel for their day. I will make suggestions and the odd doodle, so the bride and groom get an idea of what we can do for them.”

City Chic wedding cake black and white- Pretty Tasty Globe wedding cake by Pretty Tasty

After the meeting, once the bride and groom decide to book their cake with Pretty Tasty, more detailed sketches are produced and tweaked until the cake looks just so. This can be quite time consuming which is why it’s always a good idea to book at least six months ahead if possible.

Once the bride and groom are happy with the design and have chosen their cake flavours, Pretty Tasty will make anything that needs to be prepared in advance like sugar flowers and other decorations. All the decorations are produced in house so that they will match the colour scheme chosen and look just right.

giant rose wedding cake in blue black and white - Pretty Tasty

wedding cake gold and beige with flowers architectural - Pretty Tasty UK

Around six weeks before the wedding date, Nadia will go through the whole order with the bride and groom again to make sure nothing has to be adjusted.

“It’s an amazing industry to be in,” enthuses Nadia, “because people are happy and look forward to their wedding day so much. It’s exciting and hugely rewarding to see a cake come together and when we get thank you messages from the bride and groom after the wedding day, it just makes our day.”

Personalised intial wedding cake in blue yellow and white - Pretty Tasty UK

Nadia’s tips on how to choose your cake maker:

  • obviously, you will want to contact a cake designer who’s work you like, but always go along for a tasting to make sure that their cakes taste great
  • check if you have to pay extra for a cake designed from scratch
  • always bring along visual material relating to your wedding
  • check if the cake maker will have availability to deliver your cake, because you will be busy and don’t want to worry about that
  • your wedding cake is likely one of the more expensive elements of your wedding day, so consider how to best display it for maximum impact and discuss ideas with your cake designer

For more information on Pretty Tasty, go to their website or to contact Nadia on 07974 230450 or


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