Top Tips For Choose Your Wedding Earrings

How To Choose Your Wedding Earrings

Top Tips For Choose Your Wedding Earrings

How to choose your wedding earrings to compliment the shape of your face.

Keep it simple – There are 4 basic face shapes now lets help you find out which style of wedding earrings will compliment you.

  • Round Face Shape –  If this is you, you can almost get away with anything!  Rectangular & drop shapes will work well, long earrings really add the wow factor however be careful if you have petite face make sure they are not too large. One thing we would suggest you avoid is short styled necklaces & especially chokers but longer necklaces are great as they give the illusion of lengthening your face.

crystal wedding earrings Uk

  • Heart Shaped face – Oh we love a pretty heart shaped face : ) for this pretty face shape we think tear-drop style earrings look fabulous  as do wonderful chandelier style earrings too. The thing we would suggest you avoid are short drop earrings though for you the general rule being the longer the better. A  two or three strand necklaces or even chokers compliment nicely as they will accentuate your heart face shape qualities.

Hepburn Multi Necklace 34.99

  • Square Face shape – What a stunning face shape to have, we say for you to look for jewellery that will giving an appearance of curves & a roundness to your face to slightly soften your shape. It would be best to avoid angular styled wedding jewellery but to opt for drop style designs, tear-drop earrings are especially good for your face shape. Pendants necklace are great to compliment your earrings especially if they are a larger designs they will add to the over all look with out with out over doing it.

  • Oblong / Rectangle Shaped Face – How classy are you we think this is a very elegant face shape to have and our suggestion is to try choosing accessories that will give the illusion of shortening your face shape. We think stud earrings are best with round & oval styled earring being particularly good for your shape of face however you can also wear drop wedding earrings too but just make sure they aren’t too long of they will elongate your face. Now you are the perfect shape to wear a choker where so many other face shapes can’t & it can really add the wow factor.

And finally …. make sure that you are comfortable wearing your bridal earrings & make sure you feel like yourself but with a little pizazz. Have a little bit of  fun before your wedding day by try on your jewellery & imagine wearing it all day then you will know for definite it’s right for you.

If you would like to ask us any questions we are here to help contact us by e-mail or call 01506 467857 to speak to one of our happy team.


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