Buying Your Dream Wedding Dress

Buying a Wedding Dress :: A guide to achieving perfection.

Welcome to our latest Aye Do Wedding Blog Post & we are so excited as this week we have a guest blogger Sarah from Ivory & Co who is going to help allay all those fears surrounds buying your wedding dress! So sit back, grab your cuppa tea & enjoy ……..

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If you were to ask a bride today which element of their wedding planning concerned them the most, the vast majority would answer : finding the “right” wedding dress. This seems to be the job which fills brides with equal amounts of hope, excitement and also not surprisingly, dread. Every woman has attended a wedding in their lifetime when the glance down the aisle to the bride’s entrance has elicited the thought “Why did she choose that dress!?” rather than the expected gasps of admiration. Brides everywhere at some point experience sleepless nights and cold sweats asking themselves “Will I be that girl?” will I opt for a dress that seems to be such a good idea at the time but turns out to be the ultimate wedding faux pas.

So as someone who spends her life designing wedding dresses, here is my definitive guide to avoiding this at all costs and making the right choice when purchasing the most important dress you will ever wear.

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Find the right Wedding Dress boutique

Firstly, don’t underestimate how important it is to choose the right bridal boutique to buy your dress from. Once the dress is decided on – it does not end there… you will need to return for fittings and advice about completing the whole look. It’s best if you can have a good rapport with the staff in the store you have chosen, after all, your nerves may be a little frayed in the final weeks leading up to the wedding and it’s always reassuring to feel that you are in good hands and that the experienced staff can be honest with you about what suits you. Talk to friends who are married and ask about the store they bought their gown from. It’s always better to go to a boutique based on a great recommendation.

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Next – my best advice would be to keep an open mind about what might suit you best. It’s a good idea to use bridal magazines and websites as useful resources to see the many different styles on offer, but don’t go to try on dresses with just one style stubbornly in mind. From our experience 9 out of 10 brides end up choosing a dress that is nothing like their first ideas of what they were expecting to buy. Many are actually stunned by what really suits them and what definitely does not (after all, we don’t try wedding dresses on before we need one so what we picture in our minds as being the perfect bridal dress may suit us very differently when in reality looking in the mirror!)

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Who you take along with you to bridal appointments can also be very important. Whether it’s family or friends, make sure that are people who’s opinions you genuinely trust. If certain friends always politely say that everything looks wonderful on you – that won’t help. Assure who ever is accompanying you that you won’t be offended if they say that a dress really is not for you. Also try not to take too many people along at once; whilst two or at the most three individuals can help you, any more can prove confusing as too many conflicting opinions will be frustrating and could put you off making any decisions.

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If you turn out to be one of those women who we are all envious of : someone who every wedding dress looks great on, you may have your work cut out for you to choose a style of gown much less an individual dress. In this case try using another aspect of the wedding to help make a choice. For example the venue or theme of the wedding may point the way ; a ceremony at a castle or stately home generally calls for romantic statement gowns, whilst a contemporary venue would better suit an unfussy haute couture look. Themes such as the Great Gatsby style wedding bash which is hugely popular right now means that a fabulous Jazz era dress can be worn.

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It’s not unusual to feel completely overwhelmed at the idea of picking a dress, particularly when there is so much more choice than a generation ago where the dresses on offer were mostly similar. If you feel this way – start small : make a choice about a bracelet or headpiece which you feel really suits you and use it as a starting point. Take something small with you when shopping for your dress and ask to try dresses which suit the jewellery or tiara which you have already bought (remember it’s much easier to take your tiara with you dress shopping than it is to take your dress tiara shopping – which we have seen before!) Having picked a smaller, less intimidating item for your big day will help you to focus your mind with the dress and go for something that matches and is an authentic match for your personality. At the end of the day the dress should after all be about your personality and should allow you to feel comfortable with your choice.

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