How To Find Your Wedding Photographer

Top Tips On How To Find A Wedding Photographer

Thomas Demol Photographie

It can be difficult to find the right wedding photographer so the lovely Thomas Demol is going to share his know how about planning & preparing for a wedding day that will to help with your search for your wedding photographer.

Over to you Thomas ………

Planning for your wedding day

Thomas Demol Photographie real English wedding Thomas Demol Photographie

It always seems that photographers charge a lot of money for only one day’s work. The reality is a bit different. Preparing a wedding demands a lot of time and effort for the bride and groom to be & also for the photographer. There is only one chance to capture the day and they can’t get it wrong.

When I prepare for a wedding, I want to know every single detail of the day to make sure that I will be at the right place at the right time to capture the key moments.

Thomas Demol Photographie

Before anyone makes an enquiry, I spend hours marketing, updating my website or publishing my work on social media to make sure couples can see my work and decide to contact me.

If someone makes an enquiry, I make sure I reply as soon as possible and arrange a meeting with the couple to talk about their requirements. No one likes to wait weeks for a reply. In this way, they can also see more photos from my portfolio and more importantly we get to know each other. It’s crucial that the bride and groom choose their photographer according to how comfortable they feel with the person behind the camera.

During the meeting, I need to find out as much as I can about the wedding such as the locations of the ceremony, reception and the schedule for the day. The timings are really important because I don’t want to come back from a break to find out that I’ve just missed the speeches and I want to make sure they allow enough time for group photos and portraits if the couple want to have them.

real English wedding Thomas Demol Photographie real English wedding Thomas Demol Photographie real English wedding Thomas Demol Photographie

I like also to find out about the family structure and who is coming to the wedding just to make sure I avoid mistakes or ask about a deceased grand parent.

Thomas Demol Photographie Thomas Demol Photographie

At this stage, there is no obligation for them to go ahead. If they want they can secure the date by signing a contract with a deposit.

The Wedding Day Countdown

Thomas Demol Photographie Thomas Demol Photographie real English wedding Thomas Demol Photographie

A month before the wedding I will have another meeting with the future bride and groom to talk about the final details of the wedding.

A week before, I will try to visit the venue if I have never been and do the journeys between the different venues to judge the distance and the time it takes me. I will also contact the couple again to make sure I have the latest details. Things can change at the last minute.

I will also make a check list with the final timings, useful information such as addresses, phone numbers and a list of the key photos I have to take.

The day before, I will check all my equipment carefully, clean the camera and opticals, recharge batteries, format cards. I usually check again before leaving the house on the day.

The key to avoiding trouble and unwanted awkward situations is to be organised and prepared. I have a back up of every piece of equipment because if something breaks you can effect someone’s most important day.

Wedding Day Team Work

As with all big events it is all about the planning & being honest with your photographer about how you would like to records your special day. Work as a Team to get the best results it will all be worth it in the end when you have all of those treasured moments captured in a photo for ever.

Thanks once again Thomas a fabulous blog post if you would like more information about him & his photography services pay him a visit at or follow him on Facebook.

Thanks to Pam & Drew for sharing their wedding day CONGRATULATIONS XXX


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