How Can I Create A Rustic Vintage Wedding On A budget?

How To Create A Rustic Vintage Wedding On A Budget?

The gorgeous melody maison has some great ideas for you on how to create a wonderful shabby chic wedding look without breaking the bank, their prices start from under £5.

Grey Metal Vintage Style Jug - Square

Set of 2 Vintage white lanterns

Mirrored Display Stand with Droplets

There are many ways to create the look you have dreamed for. Why not look to make 1 feature and then add lots of bits and bobs made from natural fibres to finish setting the scene. Also charity shops are great for this style. Of course there are many retailers who sell the items new, or there is always eBay too.

Create a Wow with something like a tall glistening feature candelabra on a table finished with a mirrored plate. You can then add more cute and kitsch items to carry the theme through the whole room.

Melody Maison heart mirrorLarge Grey Birdcage Tealight Holder

Red Wooden 'LOVE' Sanding Sign

Try thinking outside of the box and add something like a set of Vintage suitcases as a Wedding card holder, with a pretty coaster on the table for guest favours the ones show are £9.95 for a set of £4 so one per guest at £2.50 each is a great price for a wedding favour. I like this idea as it means you can use them in the day for décor, and then your guest gets a piece of your day as a keepsake.
Don’t forget the outside of your venue. A simple cute hanging sign could be bought or made to direct your guests.

Set of 4 Ceramic Bird Coasters


Set of Three floral SuitcasesWhite Hanging Wedding Arrow
The thing I personally like about this style is everything looks a little rustic. So why not try and create some decorations like a hessian bunting or add some lace or ribbon, a stack of old books from the charity shop.
Three Hessian and Lace Candle Holders
This theme is meant to look a bit miss mashed, however, I would say pick a theme and material and stick with it, e.g. lace and hessian or silver and ribbons. Otherwise too many colours and textures in one room could look like an explosion in a craft shop.

Good Luck & Congratulations – Nicola
If you would like to indulge in the luxury of the chic accessories pop on to the Melody Maison website here :



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