How To Choose Your Wedding Veil

Help from Ann Guise the wedding veil expert.

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Ravinder Crone Photographer

The wonderful Ann Guise owner of is a well known and highly respected wedding veil designer with over 20 years of experience within the bridal industry. She has worked alongside many well known names such as David and  Elizabeth Emanuel & has also worked within the costume  department at BBC TV London. Ann’s work is regularly featured in the leading bridal magazines so who better than Ann to pass on some invaluable insight into choosing your wedding veil so here are her thoughts & words of wisdom.
Sarah Gawler
Superhero boudoir
– Julia Boggio
The most popular fabric for making wedding veils is tulle. This can be made from silk, cotton or polyester. I use silk tulle which is woven using traditional methods dating back to the early 1800s. In the 1960s a less expensive knitted silk tulle came about to try and mimic the original tulle. This tulle is still made today but I don’t use it because it can be rather floppy and stretchy. Cotton tulle is used for the base of Belgian princess lace wedding veils. It is heavier and more opaque than the silk tulle. Wedding veils can also be made from chiffon or organza.

Victoria July 2010 bw

Steve Ramsden

Sanshine Photography



Ravinder Crone

Bridal stores have standard lengths for veils such as fingertip, chapel, cathedral etc. I make veils to a bride’s specific required length and style. My veils are made to measure so the bride can have the correct length to suit her. Shop measurements can sometimes be confusing because the length of the veil usually includes the length of the blusher.


Dennis Mok

The style of veil is a bride’s choice. She should have the veil she wants and never feel pressurised into wearing something because it is the proper’ or ‘right’ way. Each bride is an individual and should do her own thing. If a bride wants it then that’s the right way for her. Decoration on the dress and length of train need to be considered when deciding on a style. A veil shouldn’t distract from the total look of the outfit. The eye should centre on the bride with the veil creating an aura around her. A short veil can make the back look too busy if it cuts across detail such as a bodice edge, embroidery or a sash etc. all in the same area. In this instance, I usually suggest a longer veil because silk tulle is sheer and will allow detail to show through. If a bride chooses a short veil the rule of thirds will give balance, but features on the back should still be taken into account.

Hannah S 9-14-2 crop

Stephanie Kalber

If a bride is going to wear a blusher, the short top layer, over her face then she will need a 2 tier veil. This can be full or centre gathered, a full gathered veil by its very name means that the veil is fully gathered and will give more ‘pouf’ and height.   A single tier veil can be full gathered, or mantilla which sits flat on the head. A centre gathered veil is usually 2 tiers with the top tier falling around the bride’s shoulders.


Dana Grant Photography

If a dress is very elaborate or has lots of decoration it is better to keep the veil simple so that it frames the bride and the dress. Detail from the dress can be linked to the veil, such as a lace pattern or embroidery and maybe incorporated into the veil by way of appliqué or a narrow co-coordinating embroidered edge around the veil. This really makes the veil unique.

You only wear a veil once so enjoy it!

Ann Guise Silk Veils:

Here are the details of the companies that took these wonderful wedding veil photographs.

  1. Ravinder Crone
  2. Sarah Gawler
  3. Julia Boggio
  4. Steve Ramsden
  5. Sanshine
  6. Ravinder Crone
  7. Dennis Mok
  8. Stephanie Kalber
  9. Dana Grant Photography



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