How To Choose Your Wedding Dress

Buying Your Wedding Dress : A guide to achieving perfection and avoiding the pitfalls.

Take your time & don’t panic when Buying your wedding dress

If after months of trying on dresses you feel fed up that one single dress has not jumped out as being “the one”, don’t worry – you are not alone. Many brides like the dresses they have tried but feel that no single one has been perfect (if only it was available in a different fabric / lace or if only it had a different beading decoration etc…) Ask at the boutique about which designers are happy to make alterations. Some designers such as ourselves have no problem with making changes to a dress to make it more unique for a bride or to fit in with what they had in mind. If not consider going down the completely bespoke route : don’t dismiss this as the reserve for the very rich and famous, more and more brides are choosing to have a bespoke wedding dress made just for them. After all – it is simply the most important dress you will ever wear – so what better than to have something made exclusively for your day (and more importantly be wearing something unique – not the same dress that guests saw at a wedding a few months before!) We make bespoke bridal gowns for brides after sitting with them to discuss their dream dress, making sketches and going through fabric options. We don’t charge a huge price tag for this service either – only charging what a similar dress in our range would normally cost based on the fabric and workmanship.

Nicolette ivory & co wedding dress

Don’t be tempted by cheap overseas deals

The single most important pitfall I would warn against would be not to fall for the very tempting offers from websites to produce a replica dress at a fraction of the cost. Over the last few years, more and more of these websites from the far east have appeared with choices of copycat designer dresses (using the original designers marketing photos). What actually arrives after brides have parted with a few hundred pounds of valuable wedding budget bears no resemblance to the original picture (we heard of one brides nightmare after her replica dress actually arrived in an A4 envelope). The brides that fall into this trap are unable to get their money back and have to then search for another dress in time. More and more we have been making last minute emergency dresses for just this reason and that does incur more costs for brides. So however tempting please don’t be fooled…

Evie ivory & co wedding dress Evie ivory & co wedding dress

Most of all relax and enjoy the process of searching for the dress for your big day. It may not seem it at the time but planning for your wedding will be precious when it is all over – so follow my advice if you can and have some fun at the same time with the knowledge that if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for you can fall back on the bespoke option. Good luck to all brides out there in finding gorgeous dresses and making the right decision!

Bronte- ivory & co wedding dressBronte ivory & co wedding dressivory & co wedding designer dresses

WOW thanks Sarah – a fantastic blog post we really appreciate your views & valuable insight into dress buying!

If you are still looking for that perfect wedding dress then by not give Ivory & Co are try?

Ivory & Co. specialise in silk bridal gowns and offer 4 fabulous collections – Romance : beautiful dream dresses, Haute Couture : sophisticated and stylish designer gowns, Heritage : wonderful vintage style dresses inspired by the 1920’s Jazz era and 1950’s chic, and Red Carpet : stunning statement bridal based on classic Hollywood inspiration.

The Ivory & Co. bridal range start at £995 and go to £2000.

To view the whole Ivory & Co. range and a list of UK stockists visit

To book an appointment for a bespoke service give Sarah & her team a call 01684 564310.Thank you once again for reading our blog post we hope you had as much fun as us, please do not be afraid to share …. please pass on our Aye Do details to your friends & let them all join the growing Aye Do family.If you are looking for some fabulous wedding accessory ideas then why nor have a look at our Pinterest boards?Have you seen our wedding accessory offers & competition on facebook? You could be our winner!Until next time.


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