Engraved Wedding Gifts by Wood Be Mine

Functional Wedding Gifts For The Couples New Home

.woodbemine_custom engraved wedding gifts

The best wedding gifts are not only functional, but personal and beautiful as well! This is the commanding principle behind Wood Be Mine, a small engraving shop launched in August of last year that specializes in wedding gifts. Wood Be Mine is a one-woman operation led by Lea Gillette from her home-based studio near Portland, Oregon. Her shop features custom engraved, sustainable growth cutting boards, serving boards, and coasters that are perfect for a wedding, engagement, house-warming, or any special occasion needing a personal, chic, and creative touch.
woodbemine_bamboocuttingboard_8 woodbemine_personalized_cuttingboard_7 woodbemine_cuttingboard_4

Every item can be personalised and Lea frequently does custom designs, from wedding invites to handwritten love notes converted into engravings for a truly unique gift. Each piece is hand crafted with love and attention and packaged in compostable and/or recyclable materials, either mailed to you or directly to gift recipients, including complimentary wrapping and gift notes.

woodbemine_personalized_3woodbemine_engravedcoasters_6 woodbemine_choppingblock_5

To view all of the gorgeous products view the sites below:


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