Vintage Wedding Cake Stands

Cake Stand Land – Vintage Wedding Reception Designs

Are you having a vintage wedding reception? Well have some gorgeous designs here from the lovely . We have selected a gorgeous selection of vintage tea sets to swoon over & also Cake Stand Land have some useful tips on how to choose your cakes stand for your wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Stand Tips

Extra large wedding cake stand


Planning a wedding takes a great deal of time and effort and with the numerous things to remember and organize it can be very easy to over look the cake stand.
However your beautiful wedding cake deserves to be displayed in all its glory so the cake stand is very important, and so is choosing the right one!

Vintage wedding cake stand

  • Don’t leave it to the last minute to buy your cake stand or you could end up with something unsuitable for your cake.


  • If your cake is  a heavy fruit or tiered cake, make sure that your cake stand will take the weight as some stands are flimsy and the base is only glued to the plate.


  • The last thing you want is a cake stand to collapse and ruin your  beautiful cake and your reception.
  • To make certain that your cake stand will hold your cake, you could opt for a base cake stand which sits directly on the table, these will hold a great deal of weight.


  • These days many brides want to have a pedestal cake stand which raise the cake high and displays it from all angles. If your choice is a pedestal cake stand then make sure the pedestal is sturdy and in no danger of breaking, ask the supplier what is the maximum weight it will hold.


  • Glass and ceramic pedestal cake stands will not hold a great deal of weight safely and so it is probably better to opt for a metal pedestal cake stand.Take a good look at the pedestal width and make sure you are happy that the balance of the cake stand is good.
  • The wider the pedestal the more balanced it will be.
  • You may decide to hire a cake stand and if so make sure that you are in possession of it well before the big day to avoid last minute panics.
  • If you think it best to buy your cake stand you will probably find that you use it over and over again for many occasions after your wedding and each time you use it happy memories will come flooding back.
  • So whatever cake stand you decide to hire or buy make sure it is suitable in size, quality and strength for your cake.

If you like what you see there’s where to see the full collection




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