An Original Wedding Gift – A Personalised Globe

Looking For An Unique Wedding Gift?

The dilemma of what to give as a wedding present can be tough. Although pre-prepared lists are
popular they don’t often contain unique items, and can be a little utilitarian or uninspiring.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go “off list” and find a gift that is totally original? One that the
newly-weds could cherish forever.
Lander and May Personalised Wedding Globes
Lander and May Wedding GlobesModDay2
Imagine a table top globe of the world, a beautiful timeless piece equally at home in the study,
hallway or living room. Now imagine that globe featuring personalised details of where the happy
couple first met, wedding location, how far guests have travelled to be there, honeymoon routes etc.
Lander & May is a globe making company based in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Our globes are all
handmade, adhering as closely as possible to the traditional techniques used hundreds of years ago.
We use authentic materials such as plaster, not plastic, and cartography which is up to date to reflect
the modern world. The stand is painted turned wood, with a polished steel meridian arm for a smart
classic finish.
Our Modern Day Globe can be customised to incorporate any information you wish – including
tracking routes, and a variety of icons to signify modes of transport, or meaningful locations. The
information is added to the map artwork itself for a permanent memento.

 We can also add a personalised label, or cartouche to the globe, with a dedication and date.
Lander & May have made globes for an impressive range of clients and have a wealth of experience

 producing high quality, handmade stunning pieces.
 £375 inc. p+p to mainland UK
To find out more about Lander and May Globes visit their website


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