Get Slim With Diet Plate

Did You Know That New Brides Often Gain Ten Pounds In The First Year Of Marriage?


Why or how you might ask? Well the reason is simple really, the majority
of people equate food with love, it starts with our mum’s feeding us up
to be big and strong as kid’s and celebration meals throughout our lives
are often calorie loaded, situations that are set all around parties and
family and spending time with those we love. So it makes sense that as a
newly wed you are going to shower each other in love and food can often
be at the heart of that, especially if you are trying to impress your
new spouse with your culinary delights and Mary Berry cake recipes.
Female diet plateOne of the biggest errors brides make,  or new husbands thinking they
are doing their loved one a favour, is trying to match portion for
portion to what their grooms eat, men can actually eat 500 calories a
day more than women! If you start married life out consuming the same
portions as your husband the extra calories can make a massive
difference to your weight over the course of a year and although you
might get away with gaining weight for a short while, in the end
calories count and the weight gain catches you up.
Diet Plate Success Accelerator, Hypnosis CD for additional motivation
Maybe on your wedding list of gifts you might like to consider the Diet
Plate® family pack, this consists of a male and female version plus a
calorie bowl. The Diet Plate® is the original portion plate diet, in
fact, it was us who unleashed the “portion control” diet. It is
clinically proven to work and the results state that you’re “6 times”
more likely to lose weight using it rather than going it alone, if you
suffer with diabetes you are “3 times” more likely to control the
disease too, even if you are insulin based. To use it, you simply serve
hot food into the delineated areas for starchy carbohydrates or protein,
it is non-dictatorial so it really does not matter what you eat, you can
cook Italian, English, vegetarian or even use it for a take out! It
forms part of your lifestyle for a healthy you.
diet bowl to help loose weight safely
The Diet Plate® takes all the hassle out of calorie counting, it works
really well, just stick like glue to the guidelines a full explanation
comes with the products. It is made from fine earthenware, dishwasher
and microwave safe and it is easy to follow. You can find us at or on if you would like more information.
A bonus if you are reading this and still a few months away from your
wedding, especially if you or your partner would like to lose some
weight before that last fitting of the wedding dress or suit, average
weight loss is 1kg a week, although on the first week you may lose 2kg.
Since we have a family approach to weight loss it might be great for
mother-in-laws too!   Starting from just £19.99 please call us on 0800
644 0166 if you have questions.


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