How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress – By Melanie Potro

Finding the right dress for your big day is hard enough. Now try matching your dress to your theme which is matched to your venue. Add in which season you’re getting married in and there is going to be an overload of stress. Well you can stop worrying because we’re going to help you determine how to match your dress to your theme, venue and the season you’re getting married in.

alana wedding dress uk melanie potro

To begin we’ll start with the Spring Summer Season. You may want to go for a dress that uses a lighter fabric, something that is flowerier and would keep you cool in case of hotter weather or a destination wedding. You could even go with a shorter dress if you’re feeling fun and flirty for the big day. Some great dresses that you’ll be able to find at Melanie Potro Bridal would be our Annabelle dress as it is sleeveless, lightweight and says summertime wedding. Another option may be our Grace dress as it short, fun and embraces the 50’s casual style by putting a twist on the usual floor length gown. One final option for our fairytale brides might be our Rose dress. It has a full textured silk organza rose skirt which makes any bride feel like a princess on her big day.

annabelle wedding dress melanie potro grace 50 style wedding dress melanie potro uk rose lace wedding dress UK melanie potro

Moving on to Autumn Winter Season. Again where you’re getting married does all depend on what kind of dress you should buy. If you’re going to be staying local where it is rather cold in

the autumn and winter months you might want to consider something with sleeves in order to keep warm. You could also consider something is closer to the body and is made with a heavier fabric. Some dresses to consider would be our Alana as it is three quarter length sleeve French lace with a corseted satin bodice. The lace over the bodice combined with silk chiffon skirt makes for the perfect wedding dress if you’re getting married in the fall. Another dress to consider would be our Aimee dress. With its clean lines and simple cut, you could easily embellish it with one of our lace Boleros or a cape in order to keep you warm.

alana melanie potro wedding dresses uk bolero wedding uk melanie potro aimee satin wedding dress uk melanie potrot

These are just a few simple ideas for what to wear for your big day. Just remember though, you need to wear what will make you happy.

To view the full collection have a look at their website here


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