The Budget Busting DIY Wedding Guide

Wedding Fairy magic to make your wedding day as special as you.

The Aye Do Blogging Gnome has been lucky enough to be able to hold a very special interview with George Watts aka The Wedding Fairy. George is a well known & well respected wedding planning guru – you may have read one of his books, perhaps ‘The Budget Busting DIY Wedding Guide’, an ebook which is an absolute must for all Brides & is available online from Amazon or seen him on TV or visited his Wedding Fairy website, well now for a short while we have the lovely George all to ourselves!

So sit back, relax & enjoy our chat with The Wedding Fairy.

the wedding fairy TV UK George Watts

The Wedding Fairy …. How did it all begin?

I have always loved all the individual elements of a wedding: cakes, flowers and dresses… the list rolls on! So it was really just a natural gravitation to the one business that incorporates them all in one – the ultimate bogof deal for me some might say!

Do you have to be rich to use a Wedding Planner?

Not with me my darling! I can help with the smallest detail through to designing the entire celebration. As I always say, the real drama is always in the detail

How do you plan for a wedding

I always find the initial stages really exciting, especially when it comes to building a picture or overall concept to work from. Once this is in place its non-stop action to the altar and you can let your imagination run wild with the theme.

What has been your favourite romantic wedding?
Even now, David and Victoria Beckham’s big day stands out in my mind, primarily because they ripped up the rule book and told the World that you should make the day your own and not be afraid to go all out on a theme; whilst having some fun with it too! The fairytale thrones were a wonderful touch for me!

What has been your most memorable ‘alternative’ or ‘fun’ wedding?
Saying ‘I do’ surrounded by lions, tigers and an elephant was pretty amazing!

Any ‘near misses’ or lucky escapes when plan have gone awry?
Never! Although a no show from the bride or groom always proves a problem!

Do you have a favourite venue?
I just love Henry VIII’s old Hunting lodge – Great Fosters in Egham. Charlie Chaplin used to stay there don’t you know!

Do you have a favourite time of the year to hold a wedding?
I love a winter warmer. For me, a candlelit space at this time of year is the ultimate in romance.

We could not agree with your more George our Glamorous Christmas Weddings board on Pinterest has some stunning Winter Wedding ideas ….. here is a snapshot to whet your appetite:

Christmas wedding ideas boardTraditional / Modern / Vintage or Shabby Chic?
Hollywood classic glamour… more Taylor than Monroe.

Hollywood glamour wedding ideas pinterest ayedo

We are with you again here George & though our blog post followers might like to see a taste of Hollywood glamour again from our Aye Do Weddings Pinterest boards:

Where is best to hold your wedding UK or Overseas?
I am a home boy! It’s the UK all the way for me.

If money was no object what would your dream wedding day be?
Well I worked out the budget and it would be 1.5 million, involving a zip wire and many pyrotechnics oh and Liza Minelli! Sounds camp I know! And the location would be in the UK of course – Somerset to be precise…home-turf!

wedding fairy budget book George Watts UK

Do you have any tips on how to avoid a wedding day disaster?

What is that saying… stay calm and carry on! If there is a little hiccup along the way, just focus on the bigger picture and what the day as a whole symbolises for you, not the tiny details that might just cause a moment of headache but can be resolved. It is very rare for a big day disaster to not be sorted somehow – especially when friends and family pull together. Weddings are all about your community of people coming together to make it happen – the ultimate in personalising your special day. And sometimes those moments of stress can become the most memorable –for all the right reasons!

What do you think will be the hot trends for 2017?

I think the whole bigger is better thing is coming to an end and people are stripping the big day back to achieve a more intimate affair. Everything from flowers to the cake and dress are taking a more minimalist approach in terms of trends coming through. In terms of styles, monochrome will still be big in 2017 and vintage with a contemporary twist will keep building, moving away from the more rustic ceremonies we have seen over the last few years.


The Aye Do Blogging Gnome had great pleasure & fun interviewing George he is even more lovely in real life & his insight into the world of weddings is second to none.

BiG Day Breakdown wedding fairy budget book George Watts UK

We are hoping to see George back on our TV screen very soon & the great news is that he has just launched is new book entitled ‘Big Day Breakdown’ which is available in paperback & digital.

Until next time – thanks once again for following our blog post we really appreciate your time & support. If here is a topic you would like us to write about please do let us know by dropping the Blogging Gnome an email at

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