Top Tips For Booking Your Wedding Reception Entertainment

5 Great Tips For Booking Your Wedding Entertainment

Did you know a bride and groom once sued an opera trio for ‘disastrous performance that left guests with fingers in their ears’ on their special day ( It is clearly more important than ever for couples to do their research before booking their reception entertainment.

So where can you find only the finest entertainment and ensure your guests have a good time?

Georgia, of sought-after wedding band Cupid’s Wish (, says many brides leave the reception entertainment until last on their list, then struggle to find a suitable band for their guests to dance to.

“Sub-standard entertainment can ruin the memories of your special day,” Georgia says. “The reception entertainment is responsible for creating the party atmosphere, getting your guests involved and uniting the families with the music.

“It’s a very rewarding job and something Cupid’s Wish take very seriously.”

Here are Georgia’s top tips for booking a wedding band that will have your guests talking for weeks for the RIGHT reasons – and have them running to the dancefloor rather than running for the exit.

  • Look for experience, equipment, enthusiasm in your wedding band. Ask about their equipment and sound system – Cupid’s Wish have invested more than £40,000 in their equipment to be sure of a quality performance.
  • Beware pub bands! Only specialist entertainers know how best to get guests on the dancefloor. “Wedding music is not a hobby,” Georgia says. “We do about 50 weddings a year and rehearse like mad in between.”
  • Make sure you have a full consultation with your band before booking. Ask for links to videos of prior performances or attend a gig if you can. Once booked, discuss the set list to incorporate personal tastes “We will spend a full day liaising with the bride and groom to make the set list perfect,” Georgia says.
  • Don’t settle for website testimonials. Talk to prior customers – nothing beats a personal recommendation.
  • Leave plenty of time to book the band of your dreams! The best entertainment will have bookings 12 months in advance. “It is amazing how many brides have sleepless nights over chair bows and different brands of fizz, forgetting about the entertainment,” Georgia says. So make your wedding band first on your must-book list – not last.

“No two weddings are the same because no two brides are the same,” says Georgia. “Any good wedding band will tailor their approach to suit your venue and your guests. So don’t just pick a number out of the Yellow Pages, do your research to avoid disappointment.

Cupids Wish have earned a reputation as being one of the finest and most sought-after wedding bands in the UK. Through a combination of hard work and talent, they have boosted their bookings to more than 50 per year and are now taking bookings for the 2012/2013 season.

Georgia from Cupids Wish is available to comment on all aspects of the wedding industry. Call 01638 665030 or email

For sample tracks, go to


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